Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Review for Forcing the Hand of God

Many thanks to Sherry Shadday who recently reviewed my book, Forcing the Hand of God. Sherry served in the US Air Force for 21 years.

Sherry writes:  
"This book takes you back in time to World War II from both feminine and masculine viewpoints. There are several stories threading through this book, with glimpses of the past interspersed throughout, tying the individuals together. Jacquie Ream's perceptive descriptions place you in the activity, whether it be mechanics scattering from incoming bullets, Rodger leaving for an air mission, Adele learning about her husband's past, or a simple stroll by Ada to Adele's home. 

I became entwined with the characters as I discovered a piece here and a piece there that fit together, like a puzzle unfolding before me. Experience wartime emotions, family strife, the ties that bind, and bits of history as you explore lives affected by war, distance, economical and social situations, love, and friendship. You may not be immediately pulled into Forcing the Hand of God, but Ream's characters soon grow on you, drawing you in. This is more a slice of life than a piece of fiction."