Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Resources: The Wounded Child Project

"I have always been bullied by my peers, both girls and boys through verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, in every way they could think of. I am now in the 10th grade and throughout the years of my life have changed schools four times, all for the same reason; I was being bullied. I never fit in with any group I was always an outsider looking in; No one wants to believe that they are the ones being laughed at. The popular girls used to make fun of me for my hair; they used to say that I was stupid, or laugh at me"

Sometimes you simply need to tell your story and know that you have been heard. Sometimes people need to hear real-life stories to understand how much something needs to change. This is the mission of The Wounded Child Project website.

Read the bullying stories of students, parents, and adult survivors. Or send in your own story and be heard.