Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Support from My Readers

Writing Forcing the Hand of God has given me a definitive sense of accomplishment. Throughout the process, I’ve felt a lot of support from family and friends, and some folks even sent me some kind words applauding my efforts (a big thank-you to all of you!). Below are some of the amazing comments I’ve received from readers:

I have pondered many times how to express my impression of “FORCING the HAND of GOD”
From the start, one is drawn in, first to the family, then to the dilemmas, then to the feeling that I was with the pilot, in the left seat, throttles full open as the wheels broke free of the runway. Through the words and minds of these characters, I am the mother, wife and son existing each day torn apart not just by geography, but by the beating heart of each person. This book is pure pleasure and a must read!
Love ya—

I really loved "Forcing the Hand of God." The writing was lively and created vivid pictures in my mind. I thought the interplay between the two time periods and locales was especially well handled. And, of course, as an old military airplane buff, I was delighted with your depth of information on and descriptions of the Flying Tigers at work. (For instance, I was fascinated to learn that P-38s were flown by the "Tigers." I had not known that before.) You obviously did an enormous amount of research. I have just sent copies to the St. Louis Reams and Kirsten in Santa Barbara. Lyn, who was with us last week, has one too.

Prepared for a sense of WWII from a pilot’s point of view, I was moved by the interspersing of life on the home front. Having recently read letters written home by my own father, this gave me a certain insight as to what loved ones went through as daily life continued. The ever present shadow of fear clouding the mundane. —Heidi Clarke

Tell Jacquie that I read her book last year and just never got around to letting her know. It was good reading and very well written.
—Jim Hodges (flight instructor at Queen City)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are You 4 or Against It?

As a former teacher, I think education is in my blood! Educational issues are frequently on my mind. 

What do you think of the text messaging controversy? Do you agree that when kids and teens keep using extremely abridged text messaging words  it affects their ability as writers and communicators? Check out my opinion on WGN Radio’s podcast, and tell me your take on texting. (Yes, I typed the title on purpose!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keep it Short and Simple

Happy Spring! Here in Seattle the sunshine is peeking through the clouds and the flowers are beginning to bloom. While many people's thoughts are turning to venturing outdoors I find myself drawn back to my writing.

Have you heard about my how-to book on writing: KISS: Keep it Short and Simple? KISS is all about easy ways to write better reports, short stories, or essays. I followed my own advice and wrote it as a short and simple book anyone can pick up!

My hope is that it guides and encourages all writers, from K-12 students to continuing education students to aspiring fiction writers! All you have to do is follow the steps in KISS and you’ll take an idea and turn it into an excellent, A-worthy piece of writing!

KISS is available online (Amazon). You can also read an excerpt on my website.

Let me know how KISS: Keep it Short and Simple transforms your writing—I’d love to hear from you!